Working together to meet your needs.

Smiling caregiver and old woman

Our multidisciplinary team of medical staff is primarily composed of registered nurses, nurse assistants, and more. They offer skilled and complex nursing services to patients when required. We help our patients feel better, learn to take care of their health needs, and function more independently.

Duties of a Registered Nurse:

  • Providing individual and family initial assessment
  • Contacting a physician for initial and continuing orders per state funding requirements and regulations
  • Developing a care plan or service plan
  • Determining expected client expectations and goals
  • Facilitate referrals and follow up consultations
  • Coordinating assistance
  • Participating in performance improvement measures
  • Supervising aides
  • Providing patient education and preventive strategies
  • Implementing care or service plan
  • Ongoing evaluation and re-assessment
  • Planning for termination of care

Our home nurses are ready to help you with your health needs. For inquiries, please call us at 732-939-4996 or send us a message online.